Crow and Hawk

Crows urgently cawed, making quite a racket, a raucous ruckus tearing the peace of a quiet day. The crows were harassing a red-tailed hawk, a common avian behavior known as mobbing. Again and again the crows charged the hawk, as if they were trying to prove their crow bravery. But the hawk ignored them.

Eventually the crows ceased their racket. Maybe they bragged about their exploits to all the other crows. Surely their boldness and bravery would be admired and celebrated throughout the crow community.

But it seems to me it was the hawk who won. After just a short time the crows became silent, and still the hawk did not leave, silently circling the sky above the woods where it all began. The hawk merely endured the crow aggression, and soon the crows were silenced.

I’m tempted to look for a life lesson here, a guiding metaphor to instruct my way. But the more I think about it, the more I see it’s too easy to make this story of crow and hawk say whatever I want.

This is the lesson for me: We are neither crow nor hawk, and we should spend more time simply listening and getting to know others before we draw human conclusions and make it about us.

Maybe I simply need to let crows be crows and let hawks be hawks. Maybe I don’t need to be more like either one. Both hawk and crow ride the wind as they were made to fly, and that is enough.

Lord, give me the grace to ride your wind with the ease of the crow and the hawk, and let me know that is enough.


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  1. I was right there with you on this thought train. Wish more would do similar things in studying and interpreting scripture texts — listening, not interrupting, and not rushing to make it “about us.” (There’s plenty of time for application after one really understands.)

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